Choices Stories You Play Hack to Earn Free Diamonds in 2020

Choices Stories You Play Hack

There are lots ways to be considered as Choices Stories You Play Hack as these ways actually let you earn free diamonds in the game. Today, we will look at them.

Choices Stories You Play is an all-new simulation game that is available in Playstore and Appstore.

In mobile devices, so many types of games are available, and there are so many types of categories are available.

Among thousands of top games Choices Stories, You Play also one well-known game that is totally free.

In the game, players can read stories and also play in the stories as well. The developers of Choices Stories You Play Pixelberry, and they mostly make simulation games and Choices Stories You Play is a masterpiece.

Learn Real Choices Stories You Play Hack and Cheats

Choices - Earn Free Diamonds

In the game, players can win so many rewards, and one of the most common and most useful rewards is Diamond.

In the game, so many stories are available, and after completing these stories, players can earn the diamonds, and it is simple as reading the story.

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Developers keep adds new stories and chapters in the game after every update. To know more about the rewards of Choices Stories You Play, you can read below.

Earn Rewards and Diamonds by Completing the Chapters

Choices Stories You Play is a simple and huge game, and in order to earn the rewards, players have to complete the stories.

Diamond is an important and premium currency of the game, and in order to get it, players have to complete so many stories.

Stories and chapters are two different things in the game. Chapters can be played, and after completing the chapters, players can earn diamond.

Every chapter gives separate diamonds, and it depends on the story and the answers that the player gives.

To earn the diamond, players have to choose the right options. Some stories are so tricky, and their questions are also different, and to give the right answer, players have to understand the whole concept of the chapter.

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Every chapter is based on actual situations and moments, and how players react and deal with them is dependent on the player.

Earn Diamonds

In the game, diamond is a major currency that can be obtained if the players complete the chapter, and it is really a great thing in the game.

Mostly stories in the game are simple, and they can provide so many diamonds if player chooses the right options in the story.

Mostly players earn it, and there are also many players who don’t get to earn lots of diamonds, and it is because they don’t give the right answers in the story.

Get the Keys to Unlock Stories

Choices Stories You Play is filled with many chapters and stories. There are so many stories in the game that are locked at the beginning of the game, and it is because players have to get the keys in the game.

To read the stories in the game, players require getting so many keys because with some keys, only one story can be unlocked, and after that, if gamers want to unlock more stories, then they require keys that will be available after every 3 hours of time.

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