Creative Destruction Game Review: Top or Flop?

Creative Destruction Game Review

Here is our full Creative Destruction Game Review that you would find helpful while choosing the best shooting game under battle royale category, and you find Creative Destruction.

Titan Studio’s new entry into the genre of Battle Royale has been seemingly successful as Creative Destruction amassed hundreds of thousands of players within weeks of its release.

A sandbox survival game that combines the last man standing concept of Battle Royale with construction options in games such as Minecraft, players are guaranteed to get hooked to this game pretty quickly.

Each round sees 100 players battle it out to be the last one standing in a rapidly contracting map.

The mission is to collect as many kills as possible and be the last player/squad to stay alive. Creative Destruction is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

So, let’s get started with this complete creative destruction game review based on the above characteristics.

Creative Destruction Game Review

Below, we have mentioned each category of the game and showed where it fits in our overall scores level for you to understand the game and its impression on us.


Creative Destruction Graphics

Initially, the mobile release had several errors. Thankfully, ever since the PC version was rolled out, the phone graphics have exponentially improved.

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The game uses a NeoX graphical engine, which isn’t the best structure; however, Titan Studio has made several updates and developed the graphics of the game on all platforms.

Graphics Score – 8/10


If you have experience with other Battle Royale games, you won’t have any difficulty getting accustomed to this gameplay.

The tutorials make learning about the gameplay very easy. What’s impressive is the game’s extensive catalogue of characters, clothes, and weapons. Earning these is an enticing challenge that will keep players coming back to the game. Thanks to this creative destruction cheats video here that it has the best ways to so.

You may need to use some ethical cheats or hacks for the game in order to earn resources faster. There is a site called which is offering best methods and ethical ways to earn such resources in the game that you need.

To win the game, you will have to be the last one surviving in an ever contracting map. The battles get tougher with each level.

Players must practice in the training ground mode first in order to gain a clear understanding of which weapons to use, how to move while shooting, how to create buildings, etc.

The gameplay is rather addictive as you get to compete against other players in real-time. The option to squad up with friends makes the gameplay much more fun.

Gameplay Score – 9/10


Creative Destruction Game Control

Creative Destruction admins quickly realized how hard it is to build structures, so thankfully, they introduced an auto-build feature.

The other controls (movement, picking up items, shooting, etc.) are extremely easy on all platforms. For PC players, a WASD control and a gaming mouse set are enough to play the game.

Controls Score – 9/10


Creative Destruction definitely has impressive replay value. Once you start understanding the gameplay, you are bound to want to play again, especially if you play with a group of friends in squad mode.

The developers regularly update the game, removing bugs, and introduce new modes to keep players interested.

Replay-ability Score – 10/10

Pros and Cons of Creative Destruction Game


  • Free
  • Decent weapon options
  • Available on all platforms iOS, Android, and PC. Players using different platforms can compete against each other
  • Easy gameplay


  • Hard to play when FPS is set below 60
  • Needs more modes

Overall, players are guaranteed to enjoy the cross-platform battles against actual players and not bots.

Creative Destruction has successfully taken all the positive elements from other Battle Royale games and created a game that is unique and has a lot of potential to grow further in the future. Final verdict – Top!

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