The Ultimate Guide to Sims Mobile for Beginners

sims mobile guide

The Sims Mobile is one of the most popular life simulation games available on Android and iOS devices.

Following the same gameplay as The Sims 4 and Sims Free-Play, the hype surrounding the game is more than justified.

Although a relatively easy game to understand, the sheer number of tasks that beginners will have to undertake may overwhelm them.

If you wish to enjoy the game (and not spend real cash on in-app purposes), here are some easy ways to quickly become a master at Sims Mobile and provide your Sims with an exciting life.

Don’t Miss Out on Daily Tasks

daily tasks to do

Every day, you will be given eight different tasks. By completing each, you’ll be entitled to earn unique prizes. You can –

  • Sim Cash.
  • 120 Experience Points (XP) for completing all the tasks.
  • Fashion Gems.

Once you complete all the eight tasks, you will also get a muffin for your Sims.

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Spend Sim Cash Wisely

spend simcash carefully

At the start of the game, don’t be tempted to buy decorations. For instance, if you save up cash, you can get a slot that houses three Sims for 175 Sim Cash.

Your objective as a beginner should be to grow your family, and since Sim Cash is tough to come by, you should refrain from spending it on accessories.

On the other hand, you can try to earn them from the game itself. For that, you need a proper guidance and ways to do so. Here is a site called which has all such methods listed on the site. Make sure to check them out.

Play Consistently

Play Wisely

A mistake that most beginners make is that they simply instruct their Sims to complete the tasks and log-off. However, you only get to advance quickly if you help your Sim complete the tasks.

Click on the ‘help your Sim’ button and help him/her complete the responsibility precisely. This is the only way to develop exciting stories for your Sims faster.

Don’t Play With Only One Sim

Play with Multiple Sims

Focus on improving the size of your Sims family as quickly as possible. Playing with only one Sim will make your progress really slow, and you won’t be able to cross the levels quickly or earn maximum amounts of Simoleons.

Don’t Allow Inactivity

Keep Your Sims Busy

Your Sims should always be active. Even if you’re not logged in, make sure to instruct them to undertake some tasks.

If they just stand still for hours on end, you won’t be making any progress. Remember, you will need to maintain a constant inflow of Sim Cash to make regular repairs to your equipment and to take part in daily events and activities.

Making your Sims work continually is the only way to establish a steady Sim Cash flow as a beginner. Moreover, one video shows how to hack the sims mobile game and get lots of simcash and simoleons for free that you can try now.

Some of the activities you should focus on include –

  • Partying – Sims can score a lot of points for socializing at parties. As they build their list of acquaintances, you get to earn dozens of points.
  • Have Working Members – Even though Sims in the mobile version doesn’t need resources to survive in the game, unlike in the PC versions of the game, having at least one working member helps create better story development.

Always spend your Sim cash wisely and keep logging in on a daily basis to have the perfect Sims set up! Good luck!

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